Creative Life Therapy

Integrative Arts Psychotherapist





Art forms you may choose to use:

Sand tray
Movement/body work
Role play
Story writing

  What can Integrative Psychotherapy provide?

A space to express thoughts and feelings verbally or through the arts

A regular time to reflect on your experience in a confidential setting

A safe space without feeling judged

A place to explore areas of concern in your life

Support to build confidence or gain a new perspective

A chance to enhance relationships or to make important changes


  Using the arts

Sometimes it can be hard to talk directly about difficulties and feelings
so communicating through another medium may be easier or more appropriate.

It is not about being good at any of the art forms but rather a means of expression. When using words, real feelings are sometimes avoided but
using the arts can help you get in touch with what is going on at a deeper level.

The process involves no judgement of artistic ability and you would not be expected to use the arts unless you feel comfortable in doing so.