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  Walking and Talking Therapy

Explore your emotional issues whilst walking and talking in an outdoor setting. Rather than coming to a counselling room we meet somewhere outside on mutual ground such as the beach, a parkland or in the woods.  Walking side by side with a therapist can feel less threatening than sitting opposite them in a therapy room.  Sessions are client led allowing you to lead the pace with what you bring and the pace we walk. If you want a relaxing walk and meander along that is fine or we can go at a faster face.  The focus of walking and talking therapy is not on how fast or far you can walk but on you, your process and what you are comfortable with.

 Who can benefit from walking and talking therapy?

Anyone can benefit from walking and talking therapy regardless of age or physical ability. Being physically active helps release tensions and stimulates new thoughts and ideas. The mix of walking and fresh air permits easier engagement and process. Research suggests that rhythmic exercise such as walking can be beneficial in the process of self-discovery.

 What about the weather?

This can be discussed in the first session but alternative arrangements can be arranged if necessary.

 What happens if I see people I know?

Seeing people walking and talking is a natural occurence. A client and therapist walking side by side doesn’t look any different to other people walking together. How to manage it if you encounter someone you know can be discussed in the first session.